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Magene H303 Dual Heart Rate Monitor

Magene H303 Dual Heart Rate Monitor

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š’š”šššŽš‘š“ š…šŽš‘ š‘š”šššˆšš† , š‚š˜š‚š‹šˆšš† , š‡šˆšŠšˆšš† , šŽš”š“šƒšŽšŽš‘ š’ššŽš‘š“š’

-A new generation of heart rate sensors that are slimmer, more power-efficient and enable you to precisely monitor your activities like riding,HIIT workout,running,fast walking,and etc. -Your ANT+ device and smartphone sports app can record data simultaneously -IP67 splash proof -1000 hours battery life


-Compatible with various types of Bluetooth wristwatches, GPS Bike Computers, Smartphone APPs supporting standard heart rate protocols

-Compatible with all kinds of ANT+ GPS Bike Computer and Sport Watches

Product Contents:

-Sensor Unit Ɨ 1, Chest Strap Ɨ 1, CR2032 battery Ɨ 1 (installed)

-Unit size: 62.3*35.1*11.5mm

-Supported chest size: 64-86cm (Ā±2cm)

-Heart rate unit: bpm

-Heart rate accuracy: Ā±1bpm

-Battery life: 1000 hours * Can vary according to temperature and environment.

-Wireless Interface: Bluetooth 4.2, ANT+

-Heart rate range: 30-240bpm

-Waterproof level: IP67 splash proof

-Weight: 16g for heart rate sensor, 30g Ā±1g for chest strap Chest strap cleaning:

-Gentle water or lotion wash and rinse. Not intended for machine washing or extreme rubbing.

LED Light : The red light indicates that the sensor is ready to use

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