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LOOK Keo Blade Ceramic Ti 16 Pedal - New

LOOK Keo Blade Ceramic Ti 16 Pedal - New

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LOOK Keo Blade Ceramic Ti Pedal - black

Light, aerodynamic and comfortable - Keo Blade Ceramic Ti

The Keo Blade Ceramic Ti sets new standards in cycling performance by combining extreme lightness and cutting-edge technology. Manufactured in France by LOOK, it is designed for the most competitive cyclists. Equipped with a titanium axle and ceramic bearings, it integrates LOOK's patented Blade technology into an aerodynamically optimized carbon pedal body. This pedal not only offers lightness, stability and durability, but also a generous contact surface for maximum power transmission with every pedal stroke. Designed to maximize performance on the road, it ensures intuitive engagement and disengagement, secure grip as well as comfort and unwavering efficiency.

Features of the Look Keo Blade Ceramic Ti pedal

  • pedal body material: carbon
  • axle material: titanium
  • bearing material: ceramic
  • height pedal + cleat: 14.8 mm
  • contact width: 64 mm
  • contact surface: 705 mm²
  • release tension: 16 Nm
  • Q-factor: 53 mm
  • weight: 95 g per pedal (manufacturer's specification)
  • range of movement: 0°, 4.5° or 9° depending on the type of plate (black, gray or red)
  • 3-year manufacturer's warranty

Increased comfort

The Keo Blade Ceramic Ti offers a generous contact area of 705 mm² and a width of 64 mm, which ensures even pressure distribution under the foot during each pedal rotation. This configuration minimizes the risk of "hot spots" or foot discomfort, regardless of the stiffness of your shoes. Thanks to the extended contact surface made of three stainless steel plates, the pedal offers additional stability and reduces unwanted movements and lateral tilting when pedaling.

Simplified tension adjustment

The blade technology allows the adjustment of 4 different tension levels: 08/12/16/20. With just one special tool, the carbon blades can be replaced in less than 30 seconds to customize the desired tension.

Aerodynamic design

The revised design minimizes air resistance at the front and the transition between shoe and pedal. The curved lines of the carbon spring are perfectly coordinated and catapult the Keo Blade Ceramic Ti to the top of its category in terms of aerodynamics. This successful combination of aesthetics and efficiency sets new standards for demanding cyclists.

Ceramic bearings

Reducing friction is crucial for increasing speed and minimizing effort. LOOK's ceramic bearings offer perfectly spherical and durable bearings that reduce drag by 18% and extend life by 4 to 6 times compared to traditional steel bearings. Every aspect of the pedal is designed to maximize speed and minimize effort on every ride.

cleats mounting: Look/SPD-SL/Xpedo (3 hole)
Pedal Version: Clipless Pedal
triggering force: 16Nm
Pedal Thread Size: 9/16 "
Model year: 2024
Collection: Full year
Color: Black
weight: 190g
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