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Look Keo Blade Carbon Ceramic Ti 16 Pedal

Look Keo Blade Carbon Ceramic Ti 16 Pedal

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Look Kéo Blade Carbon Ceramic Titanium pedals

The new KEO BLADE CARBON CERAMIC TITANIUM is the elite weapon of the top class. The pedals have been developed for criterium cycling and integrate the most advanced technologies in one model. The unique, patented BLADE technology combined with the incomparable look of ceramic bearings, provide an unprecedented power-to-weight ratio. The most efficient pedals on the market: light, powerful and smooth.
With the titanium axle the pedal weight is only 95g.


  • Pedal body: Carbon
  • Axle: titanium
  • Bearing: Ceramic
  • approx. 248 grams (per pair with cleats and screws)
  • Height axle / sole: 14,8mm
  • Support width: 67mm
  • Contact surface: 700mm²
  • Tension: 16 & 12 Nm (with limited design)
  • Platform Material: INOX stainless steel
  • Angular float: 0°, 4,5° or 9° depending on the type of cleat (black, grey or red)


  • Ceramic Bearings - Each component, each ball is meticulously selected to ensure maximum quality and performance. The balls are individually calibrated to the micrometer by a machine. They are then sorted by size into perfectly manufactured bearing rings. Each bearing therefore has a completely individual structure.
    The main advantage of ceramic bearings is their longevity. The harder and more accurate the balls, the less sensitive they are to external influences and dust deposits. This ensures a constant and lasting performance. Ceramics are also not exposed to the effects of corrosion. These physical properties ensure a service life that is 4 to 6 times longer than that of a standard steel bearing.
    Friction reduction is the most striking and outstanding advantage of ceramic bearings. The perfect spherical shape, its hardness, coupled with the optimization of the greases used with this material, allows the friction forces exerted on the bearing to be reduced by 18%.
  • Optimized axle line, greater power transmission and reliability - The axle line of the new BLADE CARBON CERAMIC has been completely rethought. It was built around an oversized axle and a cross-sectional axle line consisting of an internally positioned ceramic bearing under the bearing surface. This new design makes it possible to gain approx. 2 watts at 100 rpm.
    The distance between the ball bearing and the sleeve needle bearing has been increased by 25 %. This provides more stiffness to the entire axle line and therefore improves power transmission.
    Special attention was also paid to the tightness. This has been improved by 120% for increased reliability and durability. In addition, the new axle line has a new cover with O-ring at its outer end. It is equipped with an internally positioned double lip seal.
    LOOK axles are only released after a 2 million cycle rotation test at 100 rpm with a 90 kg load at the pedal center and an eccentric rotation (which results in an impact on each turn). This corresponds to an André GREIPEL sprint of 1,700 watts at 100 rpm for 333 hours! This test goes far beyond the current ISO 4210 standard.
  • Superstrong contact area - To meet the needs of the most demanding riders, especially competitors, the system of pedal and pedal plate with a large and rigid contact area must allow efficient power transmission.
    The support surface of the BLADE CARBON CERAMIC is equipped with a 67 mm wide stainless steel plate. It optimizes the pedal plate/pedal contact areas for each pedal angle.
    With a contact surface of 700 mm², the BLADE CARBON CERAMIC offers an optimized contact surface for efficient power transmission that is unmatched on the market.
    Their weight/performance ratio is significantly better than that of the competition.
  • Carbon technology for pedal body and spring blade - The use of carbon for pedal body and spring blade allows a lower pedal weight with higher stiffness for better power transmission. BLADE technology is an important technological innovation in the history of clipless pedals, offering many advantages: Low weight, aerodynamics, very safe entry / exit
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