LOOK Geo City Grip Pedal - Red

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Description of LOOK Geo City Grip Pedal - red

Geo City Grip - This will change the way You ride

Express your personality and at the same time increase your driving pleasure and safety with the fantastic new GEO CITY GRIP including LOOK Activ Grip from Vibram. Look has combined its legendary pedal performance with the know-how of the most famous sole manufacturers to create a fantastic, colourful city and off-road pedal that will give you pleasure. 

Perfect pedal contact

With changing weather, different soil conditions and traffic, to list just a few potential hazards, driving on city streets can be as treacherous as driving on mountain tops - and a fall can be just as serious here. But with the LOOK GEO CITY, driving in the city is easier than ever before - thanks to the safe feeling created by the perfect connection.

The LOOK GEO CITY profile uses a specially developed rubber compound from the legendary grip guru Vibram. For this unique pedal range, Look has worked with Vibram to create the perfect combination for today's tough city traffic. Together they have developed a multidirectional tread pattern with different heights and important tread grooves for efficient water evacuation. It provides consistent, safe shoe stability at all angles and in all weather conditions.

Unlike conventional platforms with cleats, this unique tread solution provides a trustworthy grip without damaging the soles of the shoes or causing painful pressure points when riding in everyday shoes. 


  • Technology: Look Active Grip rubber pad
  • Body: composite
  • Axle: Chromoly+
  • Platform: 107 x 103mm
  • Weight: 265g per Pedal
RM290.00 MYR RM309.00 MYR

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