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KMC X11 EPT 11 Speed Chain

KMC X11 EPT 11 Speed Chain

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This premium 11 speed chain from KMC features their innovative Eco ProteQ corrosion-resistant treatment. This chain was developed for harsh conditions such as salty winter roads, muddy trails, and coastal areas - places where the opportunities are high for rust and corrosion to take hold on standard steel chains (in development, Eco ProteQ chains remained functional and rust free after a 350 hour salt spray test). The EPT coating is extremely smooth, adding side benefits of smoother and quieter operation. In addition to this high-tech treatment, the EPT chain shares many of the same features of KMC's other 11 speed offerings; Stretch-Proof treatment for long term durability, super strong fully riveted pins, and KMC's signature Double X-Bridge plate shaping for superior shift performance.  

All X-series chains are shipped with their Pro Chain Lube applied for optimal performance right out of the box. An 11 -Speed KMC Missing Link is included for convenient assembly and service. The X11 EPT chain is compatible with all Campagnolo, Shimano, and Sram 11 speed drivetrains, and is suitable for both road and mountain applications. Current model chains have been upgraded for compatibility with 1x drivetrains.

Weight 260 grams
Length 116 links
Dimensions 1/2” x 11/128”
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