KMC Bike Chain (X10-116L) Silver/Black

Product Description


KMC X10 Chain - 10-speed - silver/black

KMC chains are very slim designed. In addition to a lower weight, this design convinces by very quiet running and less chain suck. The 10-speed chains are only 6 mm wide, of the narrowest in its class, and forgive also times when the rear derailleur is not 100% precisely adjusted. KMC's X10-series is 100% compatible with all 10-speed derailleur systems, and gives exceptional performance even to the most demanding riders.

The double X-bridge® outer plate ensures maximum shifting performance, while the X-SP® treatment in combination with precision tolerances prolongs the chain's life to the maximum. With tool freeMissing Linkconnector.

eXtra stretch prooftreatment for longer chainlife

Compatibility: The chain is compatible with all 10-speed shifting systems.
RM90.00 MYR RM100.00 MYR

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