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KMC Bike Chain 12-Speed(X12-Tl-126L) - Gold

KMC Bike Chain 12-Speed(X12-Tl-126L) - Gold

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KMC X12 Ti-N Chain - 12-speed - gold

KMC's X12 chain offers best shifting performance, easy and safe assembly with a missing link and incredible durability thanks to its titanium-nitride coating. KMC X12 series offers great advantages on your Shimano or SRAM 12-speed system.
Titanium Nitride Coating:This surface is very hard and super smooth, not only will the chain remain a GOLDEN chain, it is also less susceptible to dirt, easier to clean and therefore retain its function much longer than regular chains.

Further highlights of KMC X-12

Double X-Durability:KMC's on-going battle to prolong the chain's life makes KMC X-chains your best choice for durability. With satisfaction guaranteed!

X-Bridgefor faster and smoother shifting.

MissingLink:Every X12 chain comes with one set of MissingLink.

usage bikesport: Road Bike, MTB
shifting system: 12-speed
chain compatibility: Shimano, SRAM
number of chain links: 126
Model year: 2023
Color: Gold
weight: 268g


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