Kabuto Izanagi Cycling Helmet

Product Description
Product Description Floating structure that maximizes air cooling and fit Boa fit system for fine adjustment MOFF Ultra thin chin strap with instant deodorizing material Ultra sweat padding included Headrest mechanisim that allow two-step adjustment Up and down adjustment function enables fine fitting "In order to stand at the top of all." Kabuto announces new release of the flagship model "IZANAGI" which realizes "excellent feeling by integrating high performance." The flagship model that combines "high performance" with an "excellent" feeling. ・ The interior design of the "floating structure" that maximizes the two elements, air cooling and fit. ・ Adopted large air inlet. Employs a reinforcement bridge that achieves both efficient air introduction and strength. ・ Air route design considered for the hot and humid Japanese summer. ・ Adopted "KBF-2" adjuster equipped with Boa® fit system. ・New mechanism that allows two-step wideth adjustment, Headrest & "8-step up and down" adjustment function. ・A chin strap with water repellency added to the deodorant fiber MOFF®. ・Three highly practical interiors that can be selected according to the application. ・Includes "Ultra Sweat Pad-03" that prevents sweat from entering the eyes from the forehead. ・Includes non-slip rubber to keep eyewear firm.
Size  XS/S - 53 - 54  S       - 55 - 56 M      - 57- 58 L       - 59 - 60
Glitter Green
Black Red
Matt Black
RM879.00 MYR RM1,099.00 MYR

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