Jagwire Mountain Pro Shift Cable Kit Black Carbon

Product Description

Jagwire Mountain Pro Shift kits are the perfect way to enhancing shifting precision and durability. This kit includes everything you need to replace both front and rear derailleur cables, housings, ferrules, donuts, end tips and sealing liner.

Teflon® coated, slick cables used with slick-lube liners dramatically improve shifting performance and precision. Easy to install, Jagwire Mountain Pro Shift kits deliver miles of smooth, durable performance.


  • Teflon coated cables are single-ended Shimano/SRAM
  • Housing length - 2500mm
  • Derailleur housings are reinforced for improved performance
  • Lead-free housing coatings
  • Cable length - 1500mm (front), 2300mm (rear)
  • Formerly Jagwire "Ripcord" Mountain Derailleur Cable & Housing Sets
  • Includes ferrules, tips, donuts and a sealing liner
Black Carbon
RM114.00 MYR RM127.00 MYR