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Jagwire Hyper Derailleur Cable Kit

Jagwire Hyper Derailleur Cable Kit

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The Hyper series cable kits are an upgrade over OEM housings and are compatible with SRAM® and Shimano® road and mountain systems. These versatile cable kits are packed with value and the L3 lined housings will deliver miles of smooth performance.


Housing Construction: CGX low-compression housing w/ L3 liner
Compatibility: SRAM®/Shimano® Road or Mountain
Front Cable Length: 1350 mm
Rear Cable Length: 2350 mm
Housing Length: 3000 mm
Cables: Slick stainless, double-ended road & mountain
Outside Diameter: 5.0 mm
Small Parts: 6 open alloy end caps
3 cable donuts
2 Tube Tops
2 cable tips
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