In Energy Jelly

Product Description
Energy replenishment (the energy of approximately two bananas) Ingredient: Dextrin,High fructose corn syrup,White grape juice,Acidity regulators(Calcium lactate,Citric acid,Sodium citrate), Gelling agents(Gellan gum,Potassium chloride,Xanthan gum,Glucomannan),Vitamin C,Flavour and flavouring,Emulsifier(Polyglycerol esters of fatty acids),Calcium pantothenate,Niacin,Vitamin E, Vitamin B1,Vitamin B2,Vitamin B6,Vitamin A,Folic acid,Vitamin D,Vitamin B12 Carbohydrates are a nutrient and source of energy. Typical examples include rice or bread, which contain a high percentage of saccharides. Dextrin makes up the majority of the nutrients in Weider in Jelly Energy In. Dextrin is digested and absorbed quicker than the starches found in rice or bread, making the drink perfect for sports. One pouch provides the energy equivalent of two bananas (180 kcal) and is perfect for quick energy replenishment before physical exercise or quick nutrient replenishment to substitute meals when you are too busy. Additionally, the drink is fat-free so you can enjoy a guilt-free supper or snack.
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