High5 Energy Gel Aqua Caffeine HIT 66g Gels

Product Description

Energy Gel Aqua Caffeine Hit is a high caffeine gel that has a consistency more like a sports drink so, unlike many other gels, you don’t need to drink extra water with it. This makes it a good option for beginners who are trying out gels for the first time.

Use Energy Gel Aqua Caffeine Hit for that extra edge before and during your training session or race. Each sachet delivers 23g of carbohydrate energy and a high dose of caffeine (100mg). When taking part in tough sports events, caffeine contributes to an increase in endurance performance and capacity. That means you can go further than before! It also helps to increase concentration and reaction time.

• 23g of carbohydrate energy

• With caffeine (100mg/sachet)

• Increases endurance performance

• Improves alertness and concentration

• More like a drink than a gel

• Real juice flavours for a light refreshing taste

• Suitable for vegetarians and vegans

• Contents: 1pcs x 66g Gels

Energy Gel Aqua Caffeine Hit is designed to be taken BEFORE and DURING exercise.

How to use HIGH5 Aqua Gel Caffeine Hit? Tear the top of the sachet and drink the gel directly from the sachet. It’s not recommended that you consumer more than four Caffeine Hits per day.

When exercising it’s important to stay hydrated so we recommend using this product alongside ZERO.

Max per day: 4 -

Consume as part of a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Caffeine contributes to an increase in endurance performance and capacity. Consume 3 mg/kg body weight caffeine at least one hour prior to exercise and avoid caffeine consumption for at least 12 hours prior to consumption. It is recommended to not exceed a daily intake of 400 mg of caffeine from all sources. Caffeine helps to increase alertness and improve concentration. It is not recommended to exceed a daily intake of 400mg of caffeine from all sources (200mg for pregnant or breast-feeding women).

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