Guee Silicone Vivi Comfort

Product Description
GUEE VIVI is an ergonomically textured silicone grip for your bicycle’s handlebar. Made by German silicone and engineered with a special foaming process, its high density with good damping feedback, VIVI grip offers a great shock absorption during the ride.
Anti-UV, heat-proof, toxic-free properties, VIVI grip is able to be washed for the product longer life cycle, gives a clear advantage over traditional coverings.

+ Made by German silicone, degradation & hydrolysis free.

+ Eccentric positioning and comfortable gripping.

+ Great damping feedback for reduce shock and palm arch.

+ Washable

Ideal for all type of bikes (e.g. small wheel, folding bike, BMX, MTB, fixie) and riding style.

RM74.00 MYR RM83.00 MYR

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