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Fulcrum Racing Zero Competizione

Fulcrum Racing Zero Competizione

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The Fulcrum Racing Zero has been a cornerstone in performance wheelworks and the universally lauded performance and reliability for which it became so popular pushed the engineers at headquarters to develop several options of this great wheelset. Racing Zero performance became the common denominator between an increasingly larger number of models: firstly, the Racing Zero Nite with its advanced dark finishing treatment that also boosts braking performance, then the Racing Zero Carbon which brought forth what is perhaps the first carbon rim mated to aluminum spokes in the cycling market. There was one Zero, then two. A 3rd was added and now Fulcrum is excited to present the fourth member of the family: RACING ZERO COMPETIZIONE which adds an extreme performance alternative to a lineup already jam-packed with performance elements.

The Racing Zero Competizione takes all of the elements that made the Racing Zero such a fantastic and universally trusted wheel for racing and adds an extra bit of performance normally reserved only for top end carbon fiber models found under World Tour riders. The wheelset that was already considered the gold standard for high end aluminum racing wheels gets an added performance element in the form of CULT ceramic bearings making these wheels every bit as smooth as anything the professional riders have at their disposal. Couple that extreme smoothness (9 times smoother than traditional bearings) with aluminum oversized spokes, MoMAG technology, TWO TO ONE spoke ratio, oversized drive side flange and race optimized rim design and you have a wheelset that should be the envy of most any rider.

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