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Fulcrum USB Hub Kit Bearing

Fulcrum USB Hub Kit Bearing

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Perfectly smooth surfaces and lower friction to reduce loss of power are the most interesting features.

Add on the reduced weight and resistance to corrosion and you will understand why we can give you the best thanks to USB™. All your power will be transferred onto the road.

Fulcrum® has a long-standing reputation for the extremely high performance of its hubs in terms of smoothness and reliability.
In fact, all the projects are entirely developed in our R&D department Campy Tech Lab™ and we have put obsessive care into taking care of every detail.

The hubs with USB™ ceramic bearings (Ultra Smooth Bearings) further enhance the wheels' smoothness and reduce weight and the need for maintenance.
Comparative tests have shown that USB™ bearings are 50% smoother than standard bearings.

Now improving your performance during the race or simply going for a ride with your friends will be easier.

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