Framesandgear Scott Creston Syncros IC SL Aero Angel Adjust Mount

Product Description


Scott Creston Syncros IC SL Aero-Mount made of stiff lightweight CNC alloy, integrable of the Scott Creston Syncros Bar.

Suitable for Garmin / Wahoo/ Bryton devices. The mount carries large devices including the Garmin Edge1030 or the Edge 1030 Plus.

the mount makes the devices aero by being aligned with the upper part of the stem and keeps the devices in perfect place. The Scott Syncros mount has been tested in touring, gravel and racing and quality is fully living up to what you can expect.

The mount fits Scott models like the Scott Addict or the Scott Foil with the Creston Syncros Bar.

It is possible to adjust the angle of your devices via the angle adjustment on the mount.

Garmin , Wahoo, Bryton heads & GoPro mount are included.

Material   : CNC 6061 Alloy

Length     : 110mm

Weight     :28g

RM179.00 MYR RM199.00 MYR

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