Framesandgear Deda Alanera Angle Adjust Mount L120mm

Product Description


Fit nicely with Deda Alanera stem. The mount is created of light, still CNC aluminum & angle adjust.

Suitable for Garmin/Wahoo/Bryton devices. The mount carries large devices including the Wahoo Roam.

The mount is created ready to fit GoPro mount underneath, via the two screw holes.

The mount makes the device aero by being aligned with the upper part of the stem.

Make your aero bar super clean and aero with this setup.

Garmin, Wahoo, Bryton heads  & GoPro mount are included.

Material   : CNC 6061 Alloy

Length     : 120 mm

Weight     : 38g   

RM152.00 MYR RM169.00 MYR