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Fabric Line Elite Shallow Saddle -142mm

Fabric Line Elite Shallow Saddle -142mm

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FABRIC Saddle Line Elite Shallow Cromo 142 mm black

The line saddles are based on Fabrco's award-winning Scoop saddles. In contrast to the Scoop models, the Line series has a continuous pressure relief channel in the middle of the saddle. As a result, the line saddles offer greater comfort over long distances and prevent circulatory disorders. In the area of the sit bones, a slight padding ensures better pressure distribution. By using microfibre as the upper, the line saddles have a high durability. A unique saddle design not only offers you a high wearing comfort, but is also very easy to clean.

Technical specifications:

intended use : suitable for all cycling disciplines
Saddle shell: nylon fiber matrix
Saddle frame: steel
Saddlecloth: waterproof microfibre
Length: 270 mm
Width: 142 mm
Height: 49 mm (center rail to saddle attachment)
Strut diameter: 7 x 7 mm
Setting range saddle rack: ns
maximum rider weight: not specified
Max. permissible tightening torque: kA
Finish: leather look
Color: Black

Weight according to the manufacturer: 242g
Weight weighed: 241g
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