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Fabric Hex Duo Bar Tape

Fabric Hex Duo Bar Tape

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Supremely well-designed, well-made and engineered for better grip, and top-level performance on the road, the Fabric Hex Duo Bar Tape offers dual colouring for the rider wanting to add a bit of personalisation on their ride.

With a silicone backing absorbing shock and reducing road buzz, this grip uses an intricate patterning and texture to really boost your grip on the road. Suitable for use in all weather, one pack contains two tape rolls, two bar ends, and two finishing strips, offering you everything you need to kit out your handlebars.


  • Dual colour
  • Texture boosts grip
  • Silicone backing reduces road buzz
  • Suitable for all weather
  • For use with or without gloves
  • Includes: two tape rolls, two bar ends, two finishing strips

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