Entity Telescopic Pump

Product Description

The Entity HP45 is one of the favourites in the Entity line up. This is the one pump to do it all. It has all the features of a floor pump but all housed in a compact unit. It has a metal foot pad, that when you press it, reveals a precision gauge, which is so often missing on hand pumps. 
The flex hose combined with the CNC machined screw on dual head provides secure attachment and won’t leak air. The patented pinch free handle also means you can pump hard without fear of getting your fingers caught between it and the barrel. 
It is also a 2 stage pump, at full extension the telescoping barrel provides high volume pumping, but if you lock it you get high pressure, which makes it much easier and faster to get your tyres up to pressure. 

  • Patented Pinch Free Handle
  • Telescoping barrel allows faster tyre pumping
  • Extra hose with CNC autoswitching dual head fits schrader/presta
  • Precision guage that slides out by stepping down on the metal footpad
  • High pressure/Hi Volume switchable
  • 120psi

Be The Fir

RM129.00 MYR

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