Entity MG 15 Full Finger Cycling Gloves

Product Description

The MG Long Finger Glove from Entity, features the latest glove technology yet still remains highly economical. The stand out feature is the central gel cushion. Rather than standard cushioning which covers the knuckles and base of the hand instead the perforated gel cushion is centred in the middle of the hand. The logic is to remove pressure from the affected sensitive area (such as the ulnar nerve) and spread it over a broader area.  This increased support reduces pressure on the nerves and reduces cyclists palsy - the number feeling in the last two fingers of the hand. 

Other clever details have been thoughtfully included in the glove include: 

  • Amara palm which is a synthetic leather, both breathable and water resistant with excellent feel.  
  • Grip added to the fingertips and thumb for added security during last minute shifting and brake grabs
  • Perforated gel cushioning allows the hand to breathe as much as possible
  • Breathable lightweight lining on the back of the glove keeps the weight of glove down and also provides sun protection
  • Reflective logo, so that drivers can see you in approaching traffic and when you lift your hand to signal a turn - drivers behind you can clearly see your intention at night
  • Elasticised closure, rather than velcro means a secure and comfortable fit but also, the velcro won't catch on lycra knicks or jerseys!
  • To put the gloves on, a pull tab has been added, so that even with one hand already gloved you can easily put on the other
  • Terry towel thumb that you can clean your goggles or face (and other things) 
RM79.00 MYR

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