Entity CC15 CO2 Cartridge Set

Product Description

Co2 Inflators make fixing flats a lot less difficult and enable you to get back on the road much quicker than a regular pump. In only a matter of seconds, the 16g cannister will inflate road tyres to about 100PSI 

Theyll also save you a lot of weight, and space being such a compact unit. 
The head will fit both schrader and presta valves, and is simple to use. Screw the inflator onto the cannister, then attached the inflator to the tube. Once attached simply unscrew the cannister slightly and it will begin to inflate. 


  • Fits schrader and presta valve
  • Die cast alloy body
  • 16g CO2 cartridge with EVA Foam thermal protector included
RM59.00 MYR

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