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Elite Takuin Tool Bag

Elite Takuin Tool Bag

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Waterproof bicycle storage case

TAKUIN is the practical bicycle storage case designed to easily fit on your bottlecage while you’re pedaling on your bicycle thanks to its standard 74 mm diameter.

Its compact and elegant design adapts to road, gravel and mountain bikes on any terrain.
TAKUIN is also waterproof and ensures great protection for your tools thanks to its material, resistant to water and rain. A practical travel storage case to be used anytime.

Waterproof materials

TAKUIN is a bicycle storage case made in waterproof and water repellent material, from its hinge to its outer walls.

The outer fabric does not hold water on rainy days and the inner walls are made in waterproof polyurethane.
It’s the ideal setup to protect your tools from rain, mud and humidity while you’re riding your bicycle.

Compatible with any bottlecage, this storage case ensures the room you need to easily store your tools such as mobile phone, cards, masks, gloves, keys, sunglasses, powerbanks or small maintenance objects while you’re riding your bicycle.

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