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Elite Direto X Smart Trainer

Elite Direto X Smart Trainer

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The Elite Direto FE-C Direct Drive Trainer, is the Drivo's lean, mean baby brother! The Direto takes the class-leading technology first seen on the Drivo and offers it in a simplified package. No vague power calculations here; the Direto uses a proper integrated OTS (Optical Torque Sensor) power meter for accuracy never before seen on a FE-C trainer at this price point. This version uses just 1 laser sensor compared to the 2 found on the Drivo and Kura, but this still results in an independently certified accuracy of 2.5%, twice as accurate as the competition.

The Direto's FE-C controlled, bespoke magnetic power unit has a max output of 1,900 Watts at 60 km/h and can accurately replicate inclines of up to 14% making it ideal for Zwift, perfect if you are training for those mountainous climbs in the alps. The single-belt system is even quieter than our already whisper-quiet Drivo. Large gearing wheel increases flywheel RPM's, generating a smoother, more realistic feel. 

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