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Elite Bottle Cage Custom Race Plus Skin

Elite Bottle Cage Custom Race Plus Skin

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Description of Elite Custom Race Plus Bottle Cage - black glossy/white graphic

The choice of the world's best Pro Teams.

The Custom Race in new design streamlines the bottle for easier handling and improves bottle cage insertion/removal. Thanks to the specially designed front part the bottle can be removed from the front and from the side.

Custom Race Plus is suitable for any terrain. The Custom Race bottle-cage is painted with fibre-reinforced (FRP) construction and equipped with an adjustable elastomer rubber shim that ensures the water bottle is securely held inside the bottle-cage. This special joint automatically adjusts to the diameter size of the bottle making Custom Race Plus a perfect match. In this way it keeps the bottle even on bumpy trails.

The Custom Race features a wide range of adjustment for all types of frames.
Weight supplement: manufacturer's specs

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