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DT Swiss ARC 1400 DICUT DB 50

DT Swiss ARC 1400 DICUT DB 50

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Description of DT Swiss ARC 1400 DICUT db 50 - 28" Carbon Front Wheel - Centerlock - 12x100mm / QR

Reborn Faster!

The DT Swiss ARC 1400 DICUT 50 were developed to achieve one thing - speed! The wheels have an AERO+ rim profile and come with DICUT Aero hubs. The disc brake version with 50mm deep rims sets new standards in aerodynamics and handling. In close cooperation with the aero experts of SWISS SIDE, a lower wind sensitivity in crosswind conditions and an improvement of the overall aerodynamics of the wheels could be achieved. In moderate crosswinds, the rider benefits from the propulsion provided by the sail effect as well as from a stable aerodynamic position with full control of the bike. High-quality DT Swiss Aero spokes and the lightweight 240 DICUT Aero hubs for direct drive complete this wheel set.

 More details of the DT Swiss ARC 1400 DICUT

By combining new and proven aero components, cyclists benefit from maximum control in many riding situations and at high speeds. Thanks to the AERO+ rim, optimal aerodynamics are ensured by reduced drag, as well as controllable handling due to reduced steering torque. In addition, the shape of the rim can create a forward pushing sailing effect in crosswinds.

The profiles of the rims have been specially designed for tubeless use. They guarantee a perfect fit and make the installation of the tire as easy as possible. Nevertheless, it is always possible to use a conventional combination of tire and tube.

The wheels are built with DT aero comp T-Head spokes - the ideal compromise between aerodynamics and strength. In a two-stage manufacturing process, the spokes are first compacted (cold forging process) and then hardened again in the subsequent flat forging process (bladed).

Compared to the former 240 aero hub, the silhouette of the hub body has been reduced in size and thus aerodynamically improved. Furthermore, it convinces with simple, tool-free maintenance and excellent durability.

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