Controltech Razor Edge Carbon Handlebar

Product Description

A 3K Carbon monocoque road handlebar for the road racing competition. With comfortable performance, it features a peculiar top horizontal flat portion for the best palm and wrist position. Razor Edge, the new carbon fiber monocoque handlebar is dedicated to the road racing competition. It is the top of the level, made of the best 3K high quality Carbon Fiber. Monocoque piece, one of a kind with peculiar details that enhances its high quality characteristics which reinforced textured brake lever, stem areas and the applied carbon casing for the cable router. The drop is based on a new concept of multi contact open points, so we basically considered a round open shape that permit to grab levers with best reaction timing and give comfort and ergonomics at the same time. This concept we called HALF MOON SHAPE " H.M.S.".

  • 3K Carbon monocoque one piece road handlebar
  • Top horizontal flat part angled for natural hand palm and wrist position
  • New ergonomic smaller top horizontal flat part
  • Reinforced and textured brake lever and stem areas
  • Applied carbon casing cable router
  • Center Dia: 31.8Ø
  • Drop: 130mm
  • Reach: 75mm
  • Material: 3k Carbon
  • Weight: 215g
RM754.00 MYR

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