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Continental Grand Prix 5000 - Black/Cream

Continental Grand Prix 5000 - Black/Cream

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Made to celebrate the 2020 Tour de France, Continental have released a limited edition version of this popular tyre, featuring a tan sidewall.

Developed over fourteen years the Continental Grand Prix 5000 clincher tyre is the Continental's all-rounder that slots in above their popular GP4000 S II tyre. The GP5000 is designed to be a class leader for sportive, road racing and wet weather riding. The tyre compound uses Continental's classic Black Chilli technology, made of all manner of rubber-mixology-magic to strike a perfect balance between rolling resistance and grip.

On the side of the tyre is Continental's new shoulder tread treatment called Lazer Grip. The tread areas are passed over with a powerful laser, roughing up the surface of the tyre. This is claimed to improve grip.

The tyre carcass features a 330tpi, 3-ply construction to provide an advanced level of stiffness, improve stability in high-speed cornering and reduce rolling resistance.


  • 330 TPI
  • Clincher tyre
  • Features Black Chilli compound
  • Vectran Breaker
  • Laser Grip Technology
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