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Continental Tire Grand Prix 4 Season

Continental Tire Grand Prix 4 Season

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CONTINENTAL Tire Grand Prix 4-Season 28 "| 700 x 28C Double Vectran Breaker DuraSkin | Black Edition

For toughest demands and maximum longevity, this tire is designed. To honor its name, the rubber compound is chosen so that the adhesion is at a high level, even in cold and wet conditions. The DuraSkin fabric also ensures extreme puncture resistance on the sidewall of the tire. The double Vectran Breaker provides a hardly comparable puncture protection on the tread. Thus, the 4-Season is the perfect tire for frequent and all-weather riders looking for a reliable partner.

handmade in Germany
These tires are among the highest quality produced by Continental. They are sewn by hand in the factory in Korbach and set special standards in terms of workmanship and quality.

Double Vectran Breaker
Vectran ™ is a synthetically produced high-tech fiber with a natural role model. Like spider silk, Vectran ™ is a liquid crystal polymer (LCP). Vectran ™ is spun from the molten liquid polymer Vectra and further processed into a multi-fiber yarn. Spider silk as well as Vectran ™ have an enormous tensile strength at the lowest weight. Improved puncture safety and lower weight are the advantages of the Vectran Breaker. Vectran is cut-resistant than Aramid, 5 times stronger than steel and lighter than a nylon thread, without affecting the rolling resistance. Thus, it provides the ideal protective layer for the tire. Vectran was developed for airbag systems in the automotive and aerospace industries.

Tires with DuraSkin® sidewall protection must be able to insert properly. They are used under the most adverse conditions. On messenger bikes, the tires slip along curbs, they travel through continents on touring bikes without having to cut through them, and in racing they have to pass rigors like Paris-Roubaix. The high-quality polyamide fabric reliably protects the flank of the tire and arms the tire for the utmost. From the broad masses these tires stand out thanks to their brown sidewall.

Technical specifications:

Tire Type: Folding tire
intended use : Grand Tour, Tour, Race
Size (inches): 28 | 700x28C
Size (ETRTO): 28 - 622
Execution: Double VectranBreaker, DuraSkin
Rubber compound: Silicia compound
Carcass: 330 TPI in 3 layers
Compatibility E-Bike: N / A
Profile: -
Barometric pressure: 6.5 to 8.0 bar (94-116 PSI)
Recommended rim width: 15 - 22.4 mm
Maximum load: not specified
Color: Black

Weight according to the manufacturer: 300g
Weight weighed by yourself: 291g

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