CeramicSpeed BB86 SRAM DUB Alternative Coated 106771

Product Description
The CeramicSpeed BB86 SRAM DUB MTB Alternative Coated bottom bracket bearings are equipped with hand built coated bearings specially developed for off-road performance that offer extreme durability and feature a unique design for SRAM DUB 28.99 cranks. Coated bearings utilize the highest quality CeramicSpeed ceramic balls, running on hardened-steel races with a 3-micron thick metallic coating making the races corrosion resistant, harder and smoother, increasing service life and reducing friction.

All components are optimised for low friction and prolonged lifetime. The patented coating has several attributes that improve the longevity of CeramicSpeed bearings. The increased hardness of the strokes, combined with the smoothness of the ceramic speed balls, produces virtually no wear on the bearing. The coating is a metallic layer, which is 75% harder than hardened steel tracks. The coating is applied in a very thin and uniform layer of 3 microns (0.003 mm) over the entire surface of the bearing track. Both the interior and exterior are treated to achieve optimal results.

- 2 CeramicSpeed Bearings
- 2 dustcovers
- Plast sheet
- 1 x 3mm spacer
- 2 x 1mm spacers
- 10ml syringe of CeramicSpeed Long Life Grease
- Sticker sheet
RM1,680.00 MYR RM1,776.00 MYR

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