Cateye Bluetooth Speed/Cadence Sensor ISC-12

Product Description

Introducing the Cateye Isc-12 Speed And Cadence Sensor (Bluetooth). This is a wireless speed and cadence sensor unit which is compatible with the Strada Smart computer and can pair to your phone via Bluetooth to give you all of the readings you want to see. The Cateye cycling app needs to be installed on to your phone in order for this to work hand in hand. Dependant on what Strada smart bundle you go for you can see Heart Rate, Speed, Cadence, Power, calls and even your email. Recording your progress is a key step in order to have a solid training programme and will help you push yourself to the next level. Purchase the Isc-12 Speed And Cadence Sensor (Bluetooth) for the best possible training device, keeping you on top of your game

Speed and Cadence
Connection Type: Bluetooth
Mounting : Zip ties
RM210.00 MYR

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