Castelli Superleggera Bibshort (2022)

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Castelli Superleggera Bibshorts

Light, cool and straight out of the future

Castelli has been pushing the envelope on lightweight shorts since 2011 but have butted up against the limits of compromising durability for ever lighter weight. Castelli needed to step back and find a better way. They examined what the short really needs to do: it needs to hold the seat pad securely in place while otherwise adding as little weight or fabric as absolutely necessary (without being transparent, obviously), and it needs to last a season of hard use.

So Castelli engineered a brand-new fabric using a woven rather than a knit that shaves 30% in weight for the same level of support and non-transparency. Then Castelli worked with the world’s leading mill to construct a gradient fabric that becomes increasingly lighter the farther down the leg it extends, with the last part weighing a mere 90 g/m² compared to normal short fabric, which weighs around 220 g/m². This fabric, while being insanely light, maintains a decent durability along with excellent abrasion resistance, at least against the saddle.

Castelli don’t guarantee it against unplanned slides across the asphalt, so please keep the rubber side down! Note that while the short saves a mere 48 grams while dry, this means it also absorbs around 30% less moisture when you’re sweating. So when you’re sweating your way up the Alpe d’Huez you’re actually saving closer to 150 grams. This short doesn’t compromise on comfort. Castelli use their top Progetto X² Air Seamless seat pad, the spectacular striped mesh bibs from the Free Aero Race 4 Bibshort and a flat stretch woven leg gripper to keep everything in place.

Features of the Castelli Superleggera Bibshort:

  • The premium lightweight hot weather short
  • Gradient stretch woven fabric for minimal weight with optimum support
  • Ultralight fabric to reduce weight by up to 50% while improving durability
  • Minimalist stripe mesh bib to minimize weight and keep you cool
  • Integrated gripper elastic with exposed Lycra® to hold leg in place
  • Embossed logos and stretch silicone scorpion heat transfers
  • Progetto X² Air Seamless seat pad

main fabric: 71% polyamide, 29% elastane
sides: 64% polyamide, 35% elastane, 1% polyester
back: 94% polyester, 6% elastane
bibs: 58% polyamide, 42% elastane

RM760.00 MYR RM888.00 MYR

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