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Castelli - Giro Heritage Maglia Nera Jersey

Castelli - Giro Heritage Maglia Nera Jersey

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The maglia will not be awarded the last place of the Giro d Italia of 1946 1951. It signifies the realization of fights until the arrival, the glory to arrive quite simply. This is an indulgent jersey.
The Italian-made 50/50 wool / polyester fabric is probably the softest you have ever felt. You get the comfort and softer appearance of wool, but with a perfectly modern moisture management.
The tone-on-tone Giro d Italia logo is flocked, while the Castelli and Prodotto Ufficiale logos are woven and sewn in place. The zipper includes a metal Trofeo extractor.


  • The Italian-made 50/50 m rino / polyester blend gives a natural, stretchy look and excellent moisture management
  • Giro d Italia logo flocked on the front
  • Castelli tiss s scorpion logos
  • Giro d Italia logo embossed on the sleeve
  • Golden metallic zipper in the shape of Trofeo Senza Fine
  • 18 -32 C / 65 -90 F
  • Weight: 150g


Gender Men
Sleeves Non Communiqué
Collar High Neck
Fit Slim
Zip Full length
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