Castelli Active Cooling Sleeveless Undershirt

Product Description

Description of Castelli Active Cooling Sleeveless Undershirt 20030 - silver grey 870

Cooling technology

By using hydrophilic and hydrophobic yarns, this base layer holds a bit of moisture next to your body while allowing free airflow through the fabric, thanks to the special open knit. You get evaporative cooling directly on your skin. Castelli recommend using this with the coolest jerseys, like the Climber’s or Superleggera, though it will work under any breathable jersey.

Features of the Castelli Active Cooling Sleeveless Undershirt:

  • Base layer to cool you on hot days
  • Polartec® Delta fabric features regulated drying so that the evaporative effect cools your core
  • Sleeveless design with minimalist construction
  • Sublimated overprint

Weight supplement: manufacturer's specs

Material 51% polyester, 45% lyocell, 4% elastane

RM285.00 MYR RM300.00 MYR

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