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Campagnolo Hyperon Ultra Wheelset - 28" | Carbon | 2-Way Fit | Clincher | Centerlock - 12x100mm | 12x142mm - Campagnolo N3W

Lightness, unmatched acceleration & superior maneuverability!

True perfection comes from experience. Campagnolo has brought together the combined knowledge of all innovators, laboratory experts and World Tour riders to develop a wheelset with almost magical characteristics. Campagnolo's engineers identified 37mm as the optimal tread height for a design that favors agility and allows responsive tempo changes for fast and effortless climbs. The inner rim width of 21mm provides extreme stiffness and further weight savings.

Features of the Campagnolo Hyperon Ultra

  • made of carbon in the H.U.L.C. process
  • Campagnolo Luxury high gloss finish
  • Hyperon Ultra hubs with Head-2-Bay system
  • CULT ceramic bearings
  • 2-Way Fit for tubeless compatibility

Details of the Campagnolo Hyperon Ultra

Handmade Ultra-Light Carbon

The rims are manufactured using the H.U.L.C (Handmade Ultra-Light Carbon) process. This is the latest evolution of the unique rim molding process developed by Campagnolo over its twenty-five years of experience in carbon manufacturing. H.U.L.C. technology allows optimization of the profiles, the amount of carbon fibers and the resin used, contributing to greater stiffness and resistance.

C-LUX finish

C-LUX is an evolution of the already premium finish of Campagnolo carbon rims. Its high-gloss, mirror finish is not only premium, but also so flawlessly smooth that it requires no paint, saving weight. C-LUX's scientific precision also helps ensure the most secure fit of tubeless tires by increasing pressure sealing, easing installation and reducing the risk of abrasion on the rim bead.

Head-to-Bay System

For greater durability and safety, the high-precision Head-To-Bay joint has been optimized to prevent inelastic shearing of the spokes. This innovative technology introduces a high-load management system to reduce the risk of damage, and works in conjunction with a perfectly balanced spoke tension management system to ensure your power is efficiently transferred to the road.


CULT stands for Ceramic Ultimate Level Technology and offers a significant improvement over all other bearings. The key to CULT's exceptional performance is the use of the highest quality materials in its hybrid construction. Incredibly hard and perfectly round ceramic bearings provide consistent performance over time, running synthetic oil on stainless steel races that have been specially treated to make them resistant to wear.

Advanced Aerodynamic Properties

The Aero Mo-Mag system takes aerodynamics to a new level. The internal fiberglass-reinforced polymer seats for the spoke nipples ensure perfect alignment with the spokes and reduce the real stresses on the components. This innovative design makes it possible to build lighter wheels and optimize windage with a completely internal system.

Asymmetric Rim Profile

The asymmetric profile of the rear rim provides optimal stiffness control and stress management for ultimate control and handling in every corner.

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