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Campagnolo Denim Apron Mechanic

Campagnolo Denim Apron Mechanic

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The Campagnolo Denim Mechanic's Apron is not just a simple piece of workwear. A pro mechanic on a World Tour team, a mechanic in a store or even a passionate cyclist who likes to keep his bike in perfect condition all have one thing in common: a love for cycling.

With its vintage look reminiscent of the aprons worn in the hardware stores where it all started over 80 years ago, the Campagnolo apron is a symbol of passion, care and manual skills. Made in denim, it guarantees maximum resistance and maximum durability.

The handy front pocket keeps all the tools of the trade close to hand while the side straps make for easy fastening and guarantee optimum fit.

Completely adjustable and washable, the Campagnolo Denim Mechanic's Apron is both a practical item for your workshop and a declaration of love for cycling.


  • Material: Denim
  • Washable, resistant and durable fabric
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