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Campagnolo Chain Super Record 12 Speed

Campagnolo Chain Super Record 12 Speed

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Super Record - Slim, robust, smooth and precise.

The chain, in all its apparent simplicity, plays a critical role in the cyclist's safety and in optimizing the entire transmission mechanism.

The Campagnolo Super Record chain also had to be redesigned from scratch to work with all the other 12-speed transmission components. Therefore, the first and most important objective was reducing its overall dimensions. Its width measures just 5.15 mm, thanks to the new pins which are perfectly aligned with the links’ outer surfaces.

The second objective was safeguarding its performance. This was achieved thanks to theUltra Linksystem that makes the chain safe and durable, and a special treatment that guarantees extreme smoothness and precision shifting.
Material: steel, Ni-PTFE coated
Weight supplement: 110 links | manufacturer's specs

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