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Brooks Microfiber Bar Tape

Brooks Microfiber Bar Tape

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Brooks Microfiber Bar Tape - black

Brooks Microfiber Handlebar Tape is a handlebar tape made of a synthetic textile for road bikes or any other bike with drop bar. Durable and waterproof.

For grip and control
Handlebar tape made of microfiber provides excellent grip, giving the rider maximum control.

Materials specifically selected for their unique strength-to-weight ratio.

Produced to last
Durable materials have been selected for their durability and excellent wear properties. 

Features of Brooks Microfiber Bar Tape

  • PU tape with perforated holes
  • Cotton adhesive strip to attach the bar tape to the handlebars
  • Rubber plugs for the handlebar ends are included
  • thickness: 3 mm
  • length: 215 cm
  • Width 30 mm


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