Black Inc Carbon Fibre Water Bottle Cage

Product Description


The Black Inc bottle cage is the perfect final touch for any rider that values form and function in a superlight package. The Black Inc bottle cage was carefully designed and developed to provide a secure grip on the bottles even in the roughest terrains. An accessory often overlooked in its function, a bottle cage can often be selected only for its weight or its look. But that proves to be a bad mistake when the roads get bumpy and the hands are tired. The Black Inc bottle cage arms securely hold water bottles while allowing an easy, no-look operation.

Supplied with laser etched aluminum bolts, no small detail was left out.


  • Material: Carbon Fiber
  • Bolts: Laser etched alloy bolts
  • Weight: 28 g
  • Finish: UD carbon fiber with glossy and matte clearcoat

  • Full carbon fiber monoque construction
  • Light weight design
  • Secure fit for bottles
  • Elegant aesthetic
RM252.00 MYR RM280.00 MYR

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