Bikehand Profesional Tool Kit

Product Description

The Bike Hand Bicycle Maintenance Tool Kit has all the equipment you need to make essential repairs to your bike. This bike maintenance kit is designed to work with Shimano components, which are found on most frames from road bikes to mountain bikes and commuters.

Don’t let punctures, slack spokes, poor tyre pressure or mis-aligned brake pads impact your performance and your fun whilst riding. The bike maintenance tool kit makes riding hassle free.

In total you have 18 tools at your disposal for home maintenance, or keep it in the boot of your car for essential maintenance at the trailhead.

Bike Hand Bicycle Maintenance Tool Kit Contains:

    • Puncture repair kit

    • Interchangeable phillips/flat screwdriver

    • Freewheel remover for Shimano cassette for use with 1/2 driver and 24mm spanner

    • Small screwdriver for derailleur adjustment

    • Chain Whip

    • Bottom bracket wrench

    • Bottom bracket wrench for Shimano Hollowtech II BB

    • Chainring nut wrench

    • Spoke wrench (0.127/0.130/0.136)

    • Cartridge bottom bracket tool (Shimano type and ISIS driver)

    • Shimano splined, oversized bottom bracket, from ISIS driver

    • 2 steel hub-cone wrenches (13/14, 15/16mm)

    • 15mm pedal wrench and 14x15mm box wrenches

    • Chain remover (suits Shimano HG/UG/VG)

    • Tyre lever set

    • L type T-25 wrench

    • 2/2.5/3/4/5/6mm hex key wrench set

    • 8mm hex wrench for crank arm removal & 1/2 adaptor for socket tools
RM220.00 MYR

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