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The Fizik Antares 00 Versus EVO Adaptive Saddle is one of the most unique road saddles out there. It is made with 3D Printed padding which creates fewer constraints and limitations than traditional material. This adaptive saddle padding uses carbon derived from Digital Light Synthesis technology. DLS is an additive manufacturing process using digital ultraviolet light protection and other technologies for unique mechanical properties and a great look on the finish. With this unique build, the Antares 00 Versus EVEO Adaptive Saddle is very durable and long lasting. It is resistant to weather, aging from UV damage, and wear from a long life. The saddle is easy to clean and will feel like new for a long time.

Zonal cushioning is featured on this saddle which creates a comfortable ride in various riding positions. Multiple zones on the saddle have different properties, creating excellent cushioning without losing the responsiveness you need on a fast ride. Countless iterations of this build were tested in the laboratory then taken to the road. This accommodates a huge range of geometries, riding positions, and riding styles. Through the middle of the saddle, a full channel design relieves pressure in soft tissue areas to avoid numbness or pain. To top it off, the saddle is complete with a high-modulus full carbon shell and rail for optimal stiffness and low weight. The Fizik Antares 00 Versus EVO Adaptive Saddle is one of the most unique and innovative road saddles on the market today.


  • Weight: 147 grams (regular); 154 grams (large)
  • Material: mobius carbon (rails); carbon (shell)
  • Dimensions: 274 x 139mm (regular); 274 x 146mm (large)
  • Height: 54mm (at 75mm width)
  • Length: 151mm (from nose to 75mm)
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