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3T Stylus 25 Pro Seatpost

3T Stylus 25 Pro Seatpost

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Stylus is a fresh new take on the 2-bolt seatpost. The transition from the pillar to the saddle clamp assembly is a finned, rearward swoosh suggestive in shape of the classic one-bolt posts of yore. But the clamp bolts are deployed to either side of the saddle-support cradle, conferring greater stability and easier adjustment. Stylus_25 models set the clamp center 25 mm behind the centerline of the seatpost, for riders who prefer to sit further back on the bike. Stylus_25 Pro is the value model of the range, fabricated in aluminum alloy with a shot-peened, black-anodized finish and the white 3T Pro stripe.

Technical Details

Length: 280, 350 mm
Diameter: 27.2, 31.6 mm ∅
Material: AL alloy
Bolts: Stainless steel
Saddle Clamp: AL alloy
Setback: 25 mm
Finish: Shot peened/Black anodized
Certification: CEN

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