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Giro 20' Aether Mips Cycling Helmet

Giro 20' Aether Mips Cycling Helmet

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The Aether MIPS is the most recent manifesto on which Spirit was founded by Jim Gentes Giro in 1985. It is the perfect example of Giro's commitment and willingness to constantly strive for the best. From the elegant silhouette of the ether to the way this helmet handles impact energy... It is different from any helmet ever made and a testament to Giro's dedication to exceptional design and headgear technology. It took Giro almost 3 years to master the constructive and technical challenges of this helmet. But this performance is "Giro from his best side"! Giro is to let the design and construction muscles play to improve performance in head protection.

MIPS Spherical
A revised version of the MIPS Brain Protection System that eliminates the plastic sliding surface of the original MIPS design.

Six-Piece Shell
The breathtaking silhouette is created by merging six individual polycarbonate parts around a series of massive ventilation slots.

Progressive Layering
The Aether uses a multi-density EPS foam to save weight and manage a wide range of impact energies.

Aura Reinforcing Arch
A resistant and translucent AURA reinforcing arch runs through the helmet and strengthens its stability.

Deep Internal Channeling
Deep internal channels and massive ventilation slits allow the incoming air to flow over the scalp, generating a remarkable cooling performance.

Eyewear Docking Ports
Integrated eyeglass docking ports with rubber grippers allow the glasses to sit securely in the helmet.

Roc Loc 5+ Air Roc Loc
In addition to the optimized air circulation of the Roc Loc Air System, vertical positioning can also be improved by asymmetric adjustment at the contact points.

Nanobead EPS Foam
To achieve a slim silhouette without compromising protection standards, the ether uses an expanded polystyrene with microbeads.

Giro lasers the polycarbonate shell and pushes this one-piece logo in from behind before applying it permanently using the in-mould process. 

Intended use
Road bike / Cyclocross  
Helmet Design
In-mould + MIPS  
Adjustment system
Roc Loc 5+ Air  
Nanobead EPS  
Ventilation Openings
Number: 11  
255  g
Model year
Product number
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